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Mabulu provides consulting and innovative ICT software solutions to support the humanitarian relief and economic development efforts of NGOs in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean.


In the Shangaan language spoken by the Tsonga people in southern Africa, "mabulu" means "seeking dialogue". Mabulu's goal is to draw interested individuals, businesses, NGOs and government organizations into an open dialogue looking for technical solutions to the problems they face while fighting poverty, disease and other problems in developing countries.


Mabulu is committed to finding answers to the following questions:
  • How can a U.S.-based software company profitably innovate humanitarian and economic solutions for the world's poorest countries?
  • How can mobile phones and specially-designed software applications be used to reduce poverty?
  • Can mobile phones with GSM, GPRS, GPS, a camera and perhaps even a touchscreen be manufactured for less than $100? Could they be assembled in Africa?
  • Will other private-sector hardware, software, and mobile handset producers join us to help answer these questions?
  • What other questions should we be seeking answers for?

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