Mabulu is an ISV that provides a suite of mobile applications that can be deployed on J2ME, Android and Microsoft Windows Mobile phones and a suite of SaaS applications that run on Microsoft Windows and Linux servers that utilize Microsoft SQL Server or mySQL database technology.

Mabulu's application suite enables your organization to keep in touch with your distributed workforce using an intelligent multimedia mobile phone application; to conduct grassroots campaigns to reach out to the masses with SMS while compiling demographic information about the respondents.

SMS Channels

The Mabulu SMS Channels™ allows your organization to easily setup and conduct outreach campaigns through SMS to anyone with a mobile phone that supports texting.

Your organization advertises an offer and a phone number through radio, billboards, fliers, word-of-mouth or some other means to get individuals to opt-in.

A campaign can have multiple channels. For instance one channel could offer agricultural information, weather forecasts and pricing information for local crops; another could offer notices about local community activities; and a third could offer promotional information about your organization and appeals for involvement.

Demographic information is collected throughout the relationship with each subscriber in their own profile. Content can be tailored into a personal tone based upon the demographic information.

The subscriber can opt-out at any time.


Mabulu Communications™ provides rich multimedia messaging capabilities without requiring the use of MMS.

Case workers send messages from the handheld to program management. Management can send messages to individual case workers or to groups.

Messages from management may include a short Survey that can serve many purposes. The Survey can operate as a quiz, measuring comprehension of the message content. Additionally, it can serve as a tutor, guiding the recipient to the correct answers. It may also poll the recipients about how they intend to use the information from the message.

Persons and Households

The Mabulu Persons and Households™ module allows case workers to organize the Persons that are assigned to them into Households for streamlined workflow and data entry of Survey Responses. Households can be managed by the case worker themselves or by a program manager.


Mabulu Surveys™ provides robust rules-based Survey response capabilities to case workers.

Surveys can be anonymous, wherein the the case worker canvasses persons according to prescribed selection criteria for a certain sample size.

Surveys can be directed to the case worker themselves. This allows program management to poll their own workers.

Surveys can be targeted to Persons and can allows the case worker to track their work.

Rules can guide which Persons can be selected for the Survey and for individual Questions within the Survey.

Rules can indicate which responses are valid.

Rules can indicate which Questions are to be responded to in particular situations, enabling dynamic survey experiences that are dependent upon previous responses within the flow of the Survey.

Rules can be used to supply computed automatic responses.