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Work begins

Sam, Shayne, James and Bob begin work in earnest.

Sam and Shayne resign from Astute

After several months of deliberation, it is determined that the work requires dedicated focus. Sam and Shayne resign their positions at Astute Solutions.

Sam and Emily go to Mozambique

Sam and his daughter Emily travel to Mozambique to observe the work first hand, capturing video and stills for a film. The workflow of the volunteer is analyzed and various user interfaces are envisioned.

Android Developer Challenge

Shayne approaches Sam with the news that Google is conducting the Android Developer Challenge. He is interested in exploring the new platform in his off hours, and he asks Sam for ideas. After Sam mentions several possibilities, Shayne indicates that he is considering developing a humanitarian application. Sam tells him about the work of World Relief Mozambique. Together they realize that Android makes such an application possible, and they begin planning how to provide the software to WR.

Sam meets Dan Heath

Sam attends a session that Dan Heath, author of Made to Stick, led at the Gartner CRM Summit in Hollywood, FL. Dan mentioned that he and his brother Chip worked on a HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in Tanzania earlier in the year.