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MobileActive08 Conference

Sam travels to Johannesburg, South Africa for the MobileActive08 technology conference. 380 people from 45 countries come to share ideas about how technology can bring about social change in the developing world. Mabulu, Inc.'s mobile projects are hailed by many attendees as "innovative" and "exciting!".

Usability Testing of Mabulu Mobile

Usability testing of Mabulu Mobile User Interface is carried out with volunteer relief workers in Mozambique. Reports indicate that the application was "understood easily." The results also provide valuable new insight into volunteers' perceptions of the software.

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JavaME conversion

Mabulu, Inc. begins adapting its mobile concepts for use with JavaME phones, allowing existing, inexpensive handsets to be used. Although Android is still recognized by Mabulu as the more powerful platform that offers many future benefits, the lack of availability and likelihood of high handset costs drives the decision to focus on JavaME solutions. Mabulu, Inc. acquires its first candidate hardware devices.

James goes to Mozambique

James travels to Mozambique to observe the economic development activities of AfricaWorks. (Check out the blog entries and photos he posted during the trip.)

Google I/O conference

Sam and Shayne attend the Google I/O conference in San Francisco, CA. They met mobile developers from all over the world. They also spoke with Google executives and employees about the future of Android and its possible applications to humanitarian relief.